Procurement Monitoring And Evaluation

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A strong public procurement system, built on sound ethical principles and managed by procurement professionals, is crucial to the effective and accountable use of government funds. With procurement generally the second highest expenditure of any government, inefficient and ineffective public procurement has considerable negative consequences.

Any public procurement system therefore requires a strong monitoring and evaluation ethos – whether it is ongoing assessment of compliance and performance of procurement activities, identifying progress and success of a process change or reform, or tracking trends that may lead to adjustments being made to existing process or capacity building initiatives.

At Quartsons, we have wide-ranging experience in many different approaches to monitoring and valuation, and international expertise in implementing effective solutions. Our expert consultants have been global specialists in public procurement for laudable years and work with governments around the world to build strong public procurement systems that act as a foundation for cost-effective public service delivery.

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Procurement Monitoring And Evaluation

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