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Women in Leadership

Public and private entities are in growing need of women with the requisite leadership capabilities to lead organizations. It is designed to assist women to better appreciate what drives and sustains successful leadership, their individual motivations, strengths, and the best wato work within a demanding environment while maintaining a realistic balance between work and domestic life. Establish an invaluable network, share understandings and resolutions and take the next step on your leadership journey with this advancing course. 

Participants will examine their own leadership conduct and how to build on their strengths to lead for success. The Training will be focused on developing greater expressive intelligence and flexibility of women to be able to daze self-limiting beliefs and bias in order to communicate more effectively with authority, grow confidence and establish impacting influence. This course addresses the specific needs of women in the workplace, creating a trusting and competitive environment in which participants can identify their capabilities and develop a plan for growth and improvement away from the pressures of the work environment and everyday life.

  • Organizational inclination based on conventional, ‘masculine’ ideas of what makes a great leader. 
  • Attributes of great leaders and soft leadership skills.
  • Establishing work connections and networks. Bridging cultural/gender divide in leadership. 
  • Clearly get to understand your current qualities and shortcomings as a leader.
  • Gain certainty and control inside your organizational hierarchy.
  • Become knowledgeable in leadership and establish key alliances. 
  • Communicate roles and responsibilities with candor.
  • Act with confidence in your chosen leadership style and inspire followers.