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The Writing and Presentation Skills Toolkit

This Toolkit combines two master programs and is outlined to provide you with the skills to write and make compelling presentations. Ideal for those with supervisory/managerial roles in their organizations, this 5-day training will focus on what writing and presentation means and how it can be harnessed to the benefit of an organization. This training will prepare delegates with the kits required to compose brief, compelling business presentations in required format to convince and persuade your audiences.

  • Types of business writing, format and structure. 
  • Sentence construction and avoidance of jargons.
  • Writing excellent speeches and presentations. 
  • Delivering spellbound speeches and presentations 
  • Plan and write with confidence. 
  • Write and make presentations in a clear and concise language. 
  • Address difficult issues with clarity.
  • Avoid pitfalls in writing, speeches and presentations.