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Strategic Financial Management

A course that concentrates on financial management will benefit delegates/participants who are interested in learning about how to make informed decisions about financing options, capital projects/investment and risk management. This course provides an overview of concepts related to how to manage the capital of a company. Course content includes the calculation of cost of capital, how to select the right mix of capital, and how financial markets work in raising capital. In addition, this course is designed for users with a working knowledge of capital budgeting who want to improve their current practices.

 The purpose of the course is to introduce new concepts and ideas that will improve capital budgeting; such as option pricing and post audit analysis. Also, the course explains each step in the process as well as an overall framework such as Enterprise Risk Management or ERM. This is a very good course for anyone new to the area of risk management. This Quartsons training course is aimed at equipping management at all levels of the organization to understand financial management practices especially, in a world where business practices continue to change rapidly. This course will use real life case studies of companies and examples to execute the content. 

  • Financing Options or Optimal Capital Structure
    – Capital Projects or investment Evaluations
  • Risk Management Practices
  • Risk Mitigation Techniques and Controls 
  • At the end of this Quartsons training course participants/delegates should be able to; 

    • Understand the various financing options available to their business such as equity, debt or combination of both Analyze and select the optimal capital structure for their companies 
    • Evaluate and assess capital projects decision making and create value to shareholders 
    • Understand risk management practices and implement risk management framework for companies to manage uncertainties
    • Appreciate risk mitigation techniques and controls framework such as TARA to reduce or avoid the impact of risk on company’s performance.