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Strategic Change Management

This program builds capacity to smoothly implement strategic change, empowering participants to adept change agents and lead their organizations through change/restructuring. It investigates approaches to problem-solving and change administration that are suited to a progressively complex and agile business environment.

Through role plays and case studies, participants will know how they and their colleagues react to change, and make strides in implementing systems that will make their organizations adapt to change and limit resistance Re-structuring/change can result in churn and disarray instead of system improvement, this programme is aimed at equipping participants with the requisite skills to smoothly manage change.

  • Diagnosing the need for change 
  • Stakeholder analysis 
  • Igniting Change 
  • Creating change network and building teams 
  • Preparing and executing change management plan 
  • Identifying and managing resistance to change Institutionalizing successful change programs
  • Evaluating the effect of change 
  • Establish a culture of innovation and principle for change. 
  • Develop innovative strategies and best practice for change. 
  • Develop leaders of change within your organization and empower agents of change. 
  • Address concerns and improve change.
  • Recognize and celebrate change milestones and reward agents of change.
  • Measure change results and sustain change