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Retirement Planning

Retirement is something that we are all going to face.  It’s better to start preparing for it sooner, rather than later.  The Quartsons Retirement Planning Course (3 day) covers all the topics you need to think about to prepare for the next phase of your life.

  • Have you considered what your life will look like after a life of work?
  • Have you thought about a life with more free time?
  • How will you use that time?
  • Are you ‘mentally’ ready to retire?
  • Are you financially ready to retire?
  • Keynote presenters will discuss topics to help you start your personal retirement plan.
  • Assume accountability and responsibility for your retirement plan.
  • A legal representative will discuss the importance of having a Will and the various types of Powers of Attorneys. 
  • A financial advisor will offer financial and Investment information and answer any questions you may have on your retirement goals. 
  • Participants will also attend workshops on topics such as healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition and stress management.
  • Common ailments associated with aging will be discussed. These will be facilitated by a Qualified Doctor.