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Personal Grooming & Corporate Ettiquette

Your corporate image is a reflection of the organization you represent. It communicates who you are, your potential for leadership, organizational culture and the professionalism of your leaders/ superiors.

That is why the Professional Grooming & Corporate Etiquette seminar emphasizes on presenting oneself appropriately with finesses and creating a calm business setting for everyone.

This training course will help to not only enhance your professional image but also to make a positive impression on management & stakeholders.

We will deliver practical training and exercises through roleplay simulations and interactive discussions that will enable participants become brand ambassadors of themselves and the organization.


On completion, you’ll be able to:

  • Build social capital and enhance their people skills
  • Command presence and poise
  • Improve their overall appearance and disposition
  • Make a positive and lasting impression
  • Increase their confidence to interact.
Course Content

The course is structured into 3 major sub topics. These are;

  • Dining with Distinction
  • Etiquette of Dressing
  • Developing professional & personal image
  • How to present yourself to people
  • Body Language & Facial Expression
  • Creating good first Impression
  • Professional presence that opens door
  • How to make proper introductions, paying & receiving compliments, small talk & Networking
  • Interpersonal effectiveness in meeting, telephone and video conferences
  • Importance of punctuality and professional image
  • Video and Conference call etiquette.
  • Protocols to be followed when leading meetings