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Negotiating and Influencing Skills for Leaders

Negotiations is a skill that cannot be dispensed with in either business or any other form of relationship. This course is aimed at developing the skills of participants to be adept and effective in any negotiation situation and ensure a win-win situation for all parties involved. This course examines strategies of maintaining the right atmosphere for negotiations to succeed in challenging situations and also develops participants’ ability to assess other parties’ position and objective in negotiations and also boost your confidence to negotiate. 

  • Negotiating situations/event 
  • Types of negotiations and characteristics 
  • Setting strategy for negotiations
  • Conducting negotiation
  • Maintaining a positive atmosphere for negotiations to Negotiation outcome – ensuring a win-win
  • Celebrating negotiation success
  • Set Negotiation Objectives – for a win-win negotiation, the objectives must be clearly outlined with knowledgeable insight into the objectives of the parties to the negotiation. 
  • Atmosphere – setting up a conducive environment for negotiations. 
  • Structure the method – Knowing what the other side needs is ke Arrange the structure for your negotiations having this in mind. 
  • Strategy Setting in Negotiations – Negotiate according to established strategies and changing tactics.
  • Continuous Improvement – continuous improvement in negotiation skills.