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Governance for Boards and Senior Executives

High performing institutions have always attributed their success to Good Governance, a skill that participants will learn in signing up for this programme.

This course is designed to build the capacity of participating decision makers to know and implement good governance practices to improve performance of their organizations. It will teach you implementation of controls, establishing reporting lines, and setting up committees etc.

This highly interactive programme is ideal for leaders who are actively looking forward to improving the performance of their institutions through good corporate governance.

  • Corporategovernance framework, nature, principles and 
  • Boardeffectiveness, independence and reporting lines of sub 
  • Effectof organizational culture and behaviors on 
  • Assessingthe effectiveness of organizational compliance on 
  • Riskmanagement and auditing/assurance 

On completion, you’ll be able to:

  • Understandand integrate good corporate 
  • Analyzeand identify good corporate governance requirements within an 
  • Appreciatethe need of risk governance and its’ impact on 
  • Spearheadthe implementation of an effective board with appropriate oversight