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Financial And Business Analysis

Participants are assured of gaining the skills and knowledge to measure a company’s profitability, assess its strengths and weaknesses, business environment and main drivers of value for business performance. In addition, participants would be able to understand and assess competitive positions within the industry and how to be ahead of competition. 

Use financial analysis to understand your business and analyze the numbers to unlock insights into company and competitor performance. This programme is designed for both finance and non-finance entities who need to develop expertise in interpreting financial statements and business analysis.

  • Ratio analysis – Profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, gearing ratios and efficiency ratios etc. 
  • Benchmarking – Internal and external benchmarking of business performance. 
  • SWOT Analysis – StrengthsWeaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis. 
  • PESTEL Analysis – Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal analysis
  • Balanced Scorecard – Using both qualitative and quantitative approaches to assess business performance: Financial, Internal Processes, Learning and Growth and Customer Perspectives. 
  • Develop understanding of financial statements (income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity).
  • Use appropriate ratios to analyze a set of financial statements.
  • Understand and use SWOT analysis to turn Weaknesses into Strength and Threats into Opportunities.
  • Gain understanding of a company’s PESTEL environment and its effect on the bottom line of a business. 
  • Assess business performance using the balanced Scorecard approach and set Key Performance Indicators for businesses.