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Finance for Non-Finance Executives

This programme is designed for executives/managers without a finance background. The need for full grasp of financial principles and concepts by executives and its application in real business scenarios cannot be over emphasized. Executives need understanding and mastery in key financial concepts to drive success of their organizations. Knowledge gained from this training will enable executives/managers to have in-depth understanding of their company’s performance, analyze financial statements, and the impact of business decisions on performance.

  • Interpretation of Financial Statements – read income statements, balance sheet, cashflow statements, statement of changes in equity and accompanying notes to determine the financial performance and health of a business. 
  • Management Finance Decisions — make sound business decisions on financing projects’ with either debt, equity or a combination of both to achieve optimal capital structure. 
  • Investment Decision — explore investment decision options using payback period of projects, net present value NPV, internal rate of return (IRR), risk and returns, and profitability index. 
  • Dividend Policy: understand the various dividend policies and its impact on the value and performance of the company. 
  • Understand and analyze a set of financial statements.
  • Appraise projects using the best decision tools. 
  • Understand business finance options and using the model that best suit a business case.
  • Analyze and examine the appropriate dividend policy on company’s value and performance