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Executive Personal Assistant Masterclass

This program will help participants develop the Executive Assistant’s core technical skills. This includes mastering how to create more time in a pressured diary, and how to use an email management system to automate repetitive actions. Assistants will also learn how to prioritize the demands of multiple managers, how to write more concisely, how to comprehensively plan important meetings, and how to think outside the box when planning complex travel itineraries.

Also, through our training, assistants will learn how to develop a highly effective strategic partnership with their executives, and how to stay ahead of the executive’s shifting priorities. As well as develop verbal communication skills, body language and persuasiveness.

  • EA Duties- Diary management, email etiquette, meeting planning, time & information management 
  • Confidentiality and Ethics 
  • Executive Assistant and Executive partnership strategy 
  • Executive Communication Skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • On completion, you’ll be able to: 

    • Understand the objectives and challenges of the modern EA role 
    • Develop the ability to create an internal EA network to become a respected influencer in your organization 
    • Learn practical steps for reducing stress and taking control 
    • Appreciate how to work successfully with various management styles
    • Understand how to apply emotional intelligence when resolving issues with the team
    • Improve writing and communication skills