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Essentials of Contract and Commercial Law

What is an enforceable contract? What contract terms and clauses should I look out for when reviewing a contract? How do I protect my brand and products and make sure that nobody can copy them? What red flags and issues should I watch out for as business manager? This course will answer all of the aforementioned questions and many more. 

The course is specifically designed to equip senior managers with the legal toolkit they need to navigate the murky intermingling of business and law within Ghana. The course will therefore cover the essentials of Contract, Commercial, Employment and Procurement Law and some aspects of international law. 

  • Contract Law. 
  • Understanding Standard Contractual Clauses to Commercial Law. 
  • Employment Law.
  • Procurement Law
  • Business Forms 
  • Understand the key issues concerning contract formation including offer, acceptance and the ‘battle of the forms’ and apply this to factual scenarios. 
  • Identify and understand contractual terms, roles and responsibilities of contracting parties.
  • Risk identification and analysis of contracts. 
  • Apply effective contract management techniques to improve contract performance
  • Examine the optimal choice of contract structure.