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Effective Sales Management

The success of every business depends to a large extent on its ability to sell. No matter how qualified and knowledgeable your staff are, their inability to sell the company’s products will mean less revenue and lower or no profits.

It is therefore important to have a strong sales team led by a competent sales manager to help increase sales, drive up revenue and improve upon the company’s profitability. A successful sales manager’s job is to provide clear direction and support to his/her team enabling them to excel and develop to reach their full potential.

Sales managers often rise to this position from a successful career in sales. But the skills required of a successful sales manager are quite different from the skills of a sales person which is one of the key points that this program will be focusing on.

This three-day program will enable participants have a clear understanding of the successful sales manager’s responsibilities and how to become more effective in their roles in this challenging competitive business environment of today.

  • Sales Management Strategy Sales Forecasting

  • Sales Performance Management Sales Planning

  • Team Motivation

  • Running Effective Sales Meetings


On completion, you’ll be able to:

  • Clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager Learn how to build effective teams

  • Clearly understand how to prepare a sales forecast and a sales plan for their sales operation Properly set performance development objectives.

  • Explore ways to motivate their sales teams and create a more motivating environment.

  • Run more effective sales meetings and morning huddles to inspire and motivate and provide clear direction to their sales team members.