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Customer service is one of the most important parts of any business and being able to develop a good relationship with customers is an essential element to create a long-lasting business.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to prevent poor customer experiences. Complaints are inevitable, no matter how hard you work or how great your products are, no business can satisfy its customers all the time. Customer expectations may not always be met and these might result in complaints.

However, dealing with these complaints in a positive and constructive manner will result in improved business processes, repetition of business, maintaining and keeping customers.

The question is: how does your team respond to complaints from customer? How can your business not only address customer concerns, but also gain trust and respect in the process? How can you effectively solve specific customer problems, and overarching business issues at the same time? This course will teach you how to create a customer-focused business that will keep customers satisfied and coming back for more. You will master how to handle customer complaints effectively and retain the customer in the process.

  • Introduction to Customer Service Excellence

  • Understanding the Customer

  • Customer Diversity

  • Customer Service in the Digital World

  • Skills for Excellent Service Attitude

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers

  • Complaint Policy

  • Step by Step Complaint Handling Guide

  • Best Practice for handling complaints


At the conclusion of the programme, delegates will be able to; 

  • Understand customers and how to deal with different customers.

  • Render excellent customer experience to customers.

  • Acknowledge customer concerns.

  • Handle customer complaints diligently.