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Effective Budgeting and Forecasting, Planning and Execution

This programme is designed to equip managers in drawing up achievable budgets. In a perfect competition market, the major decisions to increase profit of the business are reducing cost and increasing revenue/sales. In a perfect competition market increasing sales becomes very difficult since there is closed substitute available. Therefore, drawing a budget and instituting cost control measures are seen as a vital business process for the success of every organization.

The effectiveness and interactive nature of this course will help participants with the budgeting techniques and practical tools in managing and controlling cost to achieve better financial performance. The course will enhance the knowledge of participants in the budgeting process at every stage in the organization, give participants practical knowledge and skills to take back to the workplace and enhance company’s value and profitability. 

  • Financial Planning 
  • Budgeting Techniques and Processes 
  • Target and performance measurement as part of budgeting.
  • Cost accounting principles and techniques. 
  • Forecasting of financial Statement Techniques 
  • The use of “What-if Analysis and Scenario Budgeting” Techniques
  • Capital Budgeting and Investment Decisions 

At the end of this Quartsons training course participants/delegates should be able to; 

  • Understand financial planning and its importance to businesses 
  • Understand budgeting techniques and apply knowledge gained in budget preparation. 
  • Understand and set measurement criteria to assess performance – Analyze cost for management decision making. 
  • Design and implement forecasted financial statements control to improve performance. 
  • Understand and appreciate the use of What-if Analysis and scenario to avoid shocks in budgets
  • Understand and evaluate various approaches to capital budgeting and investment decisions.