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Business Strategy Toolkit

This training programme presents an overvieof business strategy. The module aims to expose participants or delegates to the concepts and principles of business policy and strategy in detail. The objective is to ensure that delegates have a comprehensive knowledge of the core elements of business strategy tools in developing, planning and implementing ideas at the workplace. In summary, this module aims at equipping delegates with management and strategic thinking skills in the competitive market place.

  • Designing and analyzing business models 
  • Assessing the competitive landscape (SWOT, PESTLE, BALANCE SCORECARD) 
  • Identifying sustainable cost options and differentiation advantage 
  • Evaluating financial footprints and the different paths to profitability to Relating product uptake to revenue models and investment strategy 
  • Connecting operational and strategic cost drivers
  • Preparing for strategic disruption and organizational realignment in an agile environment
  • Perform a rigorous analysis of a company’s strategic direction and explain a company’s mission and vision statement, relate and critique these statements to the company’s strategic direction 
  • Prepare a SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats), PESTLE analysis, and Balance Scorecard 
  • Identify and explain all micro and macro forces that shape a company’s strategic plan and determine performance 
  • Analyze a company’s strategic plan in the context of the industry life cycle and environment in which it operates
  • Analyze, evaluate, and draw conclusions on the effectiveness and performance of control and integration mechanisms