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Investor Support Services

If you have your eyes set on Ghana as destination for your business, then you have made the right decision you will never regret. Ghana has experienced stability over the past two decades, having seven successful elections and three peaceful change of governments. This stability is evident in Ghana being ranked as the most stable political environment within West Africa and fifth in Africa by the Africa Benchmark Country Report, 2017.

Trying to find your feet in a foreign country where regulations may be different from your home country can be a daunting task. It is therefore imperative for investors to know the right places to channel their resources and to follow the right procedures in getting their businesses set up. Most investors come in naïve as to how to complete the required processes for the smooth operations of their businesses and how to also validate information attained regarding preferred investment opportunities.

To avoid the stress involved and significantly reducing the time taken to setup your business, Quartsons Business Solutions serves as your landing pad, offering a varied range of administrative and procurement services to facilitate the effective and efficient running of your business in Ghana.

Our Investor Support Services is designed to cater for all your investor related needs, right from your arrival till your business is up and running. With our qualified and professional staff, together with our quest for excellence in all our business delivery, Quartsons will be your most reliable one stop space for all your business needs.

Our Services.

We offer administrative and procurement services to foreign investors who intend to invest in, or establish their businesses in Ghana. Our administrative services include a number of specific components which make up the overall consultancy services. Some of our services rendered are discussed below.

This service is to help investors maintain focus on the overall risk reward of their investment.  Quartsons will be responsible for the efficient administration of the investor, particularly with regards to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Our typical secretarial services consist of the following;

  • Plan meetings between the investor and other stakeholders, receive and circulate agenda items and ensure that agreed actions are carried out by designated parties.
  • Preparation and filing of all minutes and reports.
  • Responsible for all communication and Correspondence on behalf of the investor.

Investing in a business is a risk every investor is faced with. The risk is even high when investing in a terrain you are not familiar with. To help mitigate investors risks associated with setting up a business, Quartsons conducts a detailed feasibility study with a strong emphasis on the business model, cost benefit Analysis as well as economic viability on the business. A final report is then presented to the client.

We understand that for a business to operate in Ghana, it first has to be registered in accordance to the laws of the land. Quartsons facilitates processes leading to the acquisition of business registration certificates that is the Certificate of Commencement and Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar Generals’ Department.

Quartsons provides you with top notch financial services to enable you concentrate on your core business activities. Our Finance Department provides clients with up to date and relevant financial information (financial statements) which reflects the state of the business. Our tax advisory services ensure all tax obligations of our clients are fulfilled. Our staff of dedicated and seasoned accountants have the ultimate goal of giving your business a sound financial function.

Our Legal Department provides advisory services to ensure client operations are in consonant with laws of the land. Quartsons’ proactive nature allows us to always look out for impending legal challenges and find solutions to them before they even occur. We provide legal advice to clients on acquisition of logistics and assets for the business. We also draft contracts for all transactions or agreements entered into by client business which protects their interest.

Getting employees with the right attitude and skill set can be difficult and time consuming. With our experienced and professional HR experts, Quartsons will fulfill all your recruitment needs. We also provide business shared services which gives you access to a host of resources to enhance your business operation at a lesser cost.

Quartsons provides bilingual and translation services to clients who are not proficient in the English language. As an all-embracing firm, we believe that language should not be a barrier to business.