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In a fast-paced world where businesses are faced with the headache of making critical decisions by the second based on large data available to them, the importance of business technologies cannot be over emphasized.

Taking advantage of business technologies in a highly competitive business environment gives your business competitive advantage by reducing cost, improving efficiency and productivity.



QuartsPro is a multi-client application with the ability to seamlessly integrate with pre-existing business/client enterprise systems. QuartPro is a robust and highly encrypted business solution enabling the client to generate timely financial reports with a dashboard indicating the performance of the company on an ongoing basis.

Upon signing up, the client will be able to enter/upload financial data, generate real time invoices to customers, manage cash cycle and cashflow, analyse debtors ageing & creditors turnover, manage stock level and reconcile bank statements etc. The Application takes over your accounting function enabling companies focus on their objective of maximization of shareholders wealth.

Some of the solutions available include

This allows client to raise, send invoices and query transactions related to their customers. An invoice once raised cannot be deleted and will go through an approval process by a supervisor or the administrator before finally being sent off to the customer. This is intricately linked to receivable/debtor management module on the App enabling the client to monitor the ageing of receivables and recoverability.

The Inventory Management System has the ability to assist client in accurate real-time tracking of inventory levels, re-order levels, and checking of expiring products. In addition, QuartsPro allows client to quickly see what products you are running low on, compare your inventory level with what’s been selling well and place reorders with wholesalers before you run out of inventory. This is linked to the various ledgers and cost of sales to help in generating reports.

This module allows clients to manage their non-current assets from the time of purchase to disposal of the assets. It has ability to assign barcodes which are uniquely identifier to assets. In addition, the fixed assets management system to calculates depreciation on the assets, allow adjustment of revaluation values, asset capitalization and asset register report. it also allows client to know which assets are in use and where it is located in the organisation.  

This allows client to create a budget for each line item on the chart of accounts and the reports. This is also a performance measure and it gives real time information about actual performance against planned performance for management to take corrective actions. The software also allows client to assign budgeted activities to employees or individuals to check their performance especially sales reps who are entire to commissions.

The VAT accounting module tracks all purchases and sales in the organisation and issue a report on how much is due to or from Ghana Revenue Authority. This allows client to set the tax rate and on which value it should be applied together withholding taxes.

QuartsPro has feature which enable client to populate their account with supplier database, raise purchase orders (PO’s), lodge invoices received and manage creditor account balances.

This feature has inbuilt payment platforms such as   Express Pay, Slyde Pay, Hubtel, Flutterwave, etc.  for client to settle commitments to suppliers as they fall due and manage creditors turnover period

The System is fitted with chart of accounts and codes which clients can tailor to their business when setting up their accounts. The primary books of account for data entry through to the general ledger and generation of trial balance are all inbuilt into the system for swift generation of report for management decision making.

QuartsPro reporting framework is real time and spot on. Client are able generate a full set of management report (income statement, balance sheet and cashflows statement) and relevant notes seamlessly with accompanying charts and comparatives. These reports can be downloaded and or sent to a specified destination via email.

QuartsPro has a Data Visualization feature as a prominent part of the Application in the form of Analytics Dashboard. This visualization is in the form of charts and graphs and any other forms necessary to accurately depict information to the end user. A comprehensive chart of accounts is included in the logic to ensure that transactions are recorded to pre-set account codes.

QuartsPro also comes with a corresponding mobile application which allows users to access real time information, view and approve invoices/bills as well as approving transactions. It has an onboard mobile user feature in the back end where the user can login to activate their account with same email and password used for signing up on the application. The App allows you to view, approve or reject invoices and to view summaries for sales, invoice and payments on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The mobile App allows clients to access their portals even with limited /intermittent accessibility to internet. This implies that the system is constantly operational.

The platform has an end-to-end encryption and two factor authentications to ensure the security of client data using HTTPS Support.

QuartsPro allows bulk import of existing client data from previous systems to allow for continuity and data analytics and visualization. This enables the client to download or upload CSV templates.

Get reconciliation propositions automatically, register extra journal items on the go, search efficiently. Interface for manual reconciliations, for both open and paid invoices. Learning of account numbers based on first manual reconciliation. Quarts matches 95% of invoices & payments automatically and the smart matching tool allows to do the remaining 5% super-fast.

No need to create invoices manually, print and send them, register bank statements, follow-up payments Automate more, save time.

Quarts is a user-friendly application with unique dashboard for each business account. Once signed up, users can be created with the necessary restrictions as determined by client.

Businesses are able to create an account by filling out the relevant fields on the registration page with their records This process allows the client to log on to their account where they can setup their user rights, responsibilities and restriction