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About Us

Quartsons Business Solutions Limited is a professional services firm that provides Accounting, Finance and Consulting Services to clients in the public and private sectors to enable them achieve operational efficiency, strategic agility and market dominance.

We do this by bringing together the best consultants, best practices and cutting-edge business technology to empower our clients to succeed.


To give organisations the edge to thrive and dominate through an unrelenting quest for excellence and innovation.


To become the centre of professional excellence in the provision of Accounting, Finance and Business Consulting services.

Our Values

At Quartsons we strive in each task to go beyond excellence in every endeavour. We are therefore careful in selecting and grooming the best talent, recruiting excellence where they be found around the globe. Innovation is at the heart of our operations. Our open-minded approach to client’s challenges enables us to continue to evolve with the times and remain relevant to the market. We strive to go beyond what we define as excellent thereby ensuring that our clients remain ahead of their competition.

Quartsons is committed to delivering high quality services by using a range of policies, procedures and practices as detailed in our Quality Manual, ensuring that we maintain consistently high levels of service to our clients. Our quality objectives are met through the strict and consistent application of a Quality Management System. Furthermore, Quartsons has created a unique process methodology that enables our consultants to use standard procedures that are logically sequenced to govern each step of any consulting project while allowing the flexibility to respond to the needs of each client and the unique context of every project. Quartsons has the readiness and capability to operate within this context.

Our people are our greatest asset so we employ the best. We have brought together through our global network, experienced professionals from academia and industry; all of whom are exceptional in their chosen endeavour. At Quartsons a great emphasis is placed on continuous development and capacity building. This ensures that our staff are well trained for the tasks they embark on on behalf of our clients.

Our business is all about keeping long-term commitments with our community, our staff and our clients. Trust is the essential ingredient of our long-term success. In this context having a clear set of values and ethics is critical because it provides us – individually and collectively – with a “moral compass” to help us get to the right answer when we are confronted with the technical complexities, competing priorities and sometimes conflicting demands that are part of our day-to-day realities in doing our jobs. Our Ethical and Compliance System gives effect to our zero-tolerance approach to all forms of fraud, bribery and corruption and to our long-standing commitment to honesty, ethical behaviour and transparency in all our dealings. Clients can be rest assured of the strictest adherence to a highest ethical code of conduct before during and after projects.

We use the information our clients provide to us in accordance with signed engagement letters. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we rely upon to conduct business.

We ensure that our inclusion always produces a positive return for our clients. This is achieved by having a clear understanding of the client requirement. We therefore ensure that our analysis of the issues pertaining to the task at hand is mutually and collectively exhaustive. Our rigour we bring to solving our client’s problems ensures that the solutions and options proposed are efficient, effective and economical to the government.